Did You Drink Milk Properly?

 Mistakes When Drinking Milk Are Harmful To Your Health

Milk is a very good nutritional drink for health. However, drinking milk properly can promote the benefits of this food and avoid side effects. Maybe you are also having common mistakes when drinking milk below!

Milk is one of the foods that are considered to be extremely nutritious and especially good for children's development. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of this drink. At present, we realize that there are many misconceptions, leading to drinking milk in the wrong way, not only losing the nutritional value but also causing many side effects and illnesses.

Errors for drinking milk improperly

Use milk with fruit

Drinking a regular glass of milk every day will make you depressed and bored, so you often add other foods to change your taste. But sometimes these wrong combinations are "culprits" that rob the source of nutrients that milk brings!

Milk and related products, especially yogurt, are often combined by women to drink/eat with many fruits such as strawberry, lemon, orange, mango... for weight loss and skin beauty. However, these two foods have completely opposite properties (milk feels cold and fruits create heat).

When the digestive system works, it is easy to create reactions that cause casein to precipitate, causing imbalance in the intestinal microflora system. The consequences are abdominal pain, colds, allergies, diarrhea... If you want to combine with fruits, bananas, apples, avocados, peaches, pears, papayas are safe options.

Drink milk with high protein foods

Milk is already a food with a very high nutrient content, making the digestive system work with high efficiency to completely decompose. Meanwhile, meat and fish also contain a lot of protein. Combining these foods together is self-overloading your own digestive system, especially for those who have a poor digestive system, they are more likely to experience abdominal pain, indigestion, allergies, etc. Therefore, avoid processing together or drink milk as soon as eat meat and fish!

You should not use milk with chocolate, calcium and proteins in milk will react with chocolate's oxalic acid, forming calcium oxalic acid - a substance that prevents the body's calcium absorption. Lack of calcium is the main cause of dry hair / hair, weak bones, slow growth, risk of urinary tract stones...

Boil milk

Many people even buy pasteurized milk but still don't feel secure, they boil it again to disinfect it. But it is this habit that inadvertently causes milk to degrade, can turn color, have sour taste and even cause cancer. Therefore, you should not boil anymore. For cases where milk is refrigerated, used for small children... it is possible to warm up about 50 degrees in 6 minutes or 70 degrees in 3 minutes.

You should not mix sugar with the boiled milk. Because at high temperatures, lysine in milk reacts with fructose in sugar to create a poison that is not good for health. It's best to wait for cold milk to add sugar.

Drink too much milk

For nutritious milk, many people think that drinking as much as possible. However, nutrition experts recommend that you only use about 600 ml of milk daily (equivalent to 300g of dairy products) to avoid nutritional imbalance.

In addition, milk is good for health but some subjects need to be restricted such as:

Overweight people: People who are obese, overweight can still drink skimmed milk, sugar-free milk. In children, it is recommended to train the children to drink the above milk, to avoid cutting milk affecting the development of the baby.

People with diabetes, fatty liver: A reasonable diet, which helps to control sugar and cholesterol is extremely important for people with fatty liver. Therefore, stay away from saturated and unhealthy dairy products.

People with gallstones: These people can only drink skim milk

Drink milk on an empty stomach

Some people often feel abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea after drinking milk at the hungry state. This is a group of people with poor lactose tolerance, they need to eat well before drinking milk.

You should add starch after taking about 30 minutes.

Drinking milk in the morning/evening is the best!

You can drink milk at any time of the day. Just take 30 minutes before you eat (in case of lactose absorption). Here are some of our suggestions to help you choose the right time to drink.

In the morning: Drinking milk in the morning is good for people who need supplement of protein and vitamins, minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium...). This will be a great source of energy for the start of the new day, especially for people who regularly practice sports in the morning.

 In the evening: People who lose sleep, do not sleep well, often work hard, need to be relaxed can choose to milk at the evening and at night. At this time, milk will stimulate the nervous system secreting serotonin (hormones that feel fun), making you more comfortable and more sleepy. However, for people who need to lose weight, do not drink milk at this time.


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