5 Unexpected Effects Of Egg Yolk And Honey Mixture

Chicken eggs and honey have high nutritional value. Therefore, the combination of these two foods will bring a lot of benefits to health and beauty. Let's learn the effect of honey-soaked chicken egg yolk right away!

Egg yolk contains many nutrients and high fat content, has the effect of supplementing the lungs, detoxifying the body... so it plays a very important role to enhance health for young children, the elderly or intellectual workers.

Meanwhile, honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, bringing significant effects in the enhancement, improving the body's resistance as well as preventing diseases, especially cancer. This is considered an indispensable food in our diets.

Honey-soaked chicken egg yolk is a protein-rich dish, antioxidant, provides collagen to bring many different uses for health and beauty.

The effects of honey-soaked chicken egg yolk

1. Treatment of peptic ulcer

Scientific research has shown that honey has antibacterial and bactericidal properties, while chicken egg is very nutritious. Therefore, combining these two foods will bring good benefits to users. This is considered a "medicine god" to enhance health and is especially effective for people with gastric ulcers.

Honey contains many nutrients that help to treat stomach ulcers such as antibacterial or antioxidant. Besides, honey also has the ability to neutralize stomach acid, gastric juice, so it can help the body prevent pathogens for the stomach.

2. Cure physiological weakness for men

The physiological weakness of men is a common and difficult disease of today's men. This disease comes from many different causes, one of which is due to an imbalanced diet, a lack of vitamins A, E or fatty acids affecting male sperm production.

Meanwhile, the honey-soaked chicken egg yolk contains many nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which help to strengthen the positive power for men, sperm, and weak sperm treatment. Therefore, this dish is pretty much believed and applied by many people.

3. Strengthen resistance

In chicken eggs are rich in protein, fat and various vitamins, so they are mainly used to increase the body's resistance. The soaking with honey will help the yolk of the egg to be more mature, more protein rich without losing the essential nutrients, very suitable for people with physical weakness, low blood pressure, ...

4. Help to increase weight safely

With nutritional value from honey and chicken eggs, you can completely combine these two ingredients to create a healthy food and support weight gain more effectively. These are two ingredients rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, so they are often used to nourish health and solve weight problems.

In particular, the protein contained in egg yolk ingredients will stimulate the digestive system, help you not only eat well but also improve your health, thereby gaining weight safely and effectively.

5. Good for pregnant women

Honey-soaked chicken egg yolk provides a significant amount of protein, an abundant source of energy to enhance the resistance of pregnant women and their unborn babies. In particular, chicken egg yolk contains a large amount of calcium to make the frame of the fetus more healthy as well as the development of the child's brain better.

How to make honey-soaked chicken egg yolk


• 4 chicken eggs.

• 300ml of honey.

• Glass bottle.

How to process

• Extract the egg yolk and place it in a glass jar.

• Pour honey until the bottle is full, then cover it, after 2 days it can be used.

• Eat 1-2 chicken eggs a week to promote the use of the mixture.


• Place a jar of honey-soaked chicken egg yolk in a clean, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

• Eat only 2 chicken egg yolk for a week to avoid atherosclerosis or high blood pressure.

• The mixture should be used within one month to ensure health safety and no loss of inherent pharmacology.


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