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5 Unexpected Effects Of Egg Yolk And Honey Mixture

Chicken eggs and honey have high nutritional value. Therefore, the combination of these two foods will bring a lot of benefits to health and beauty. Let's learn the effect of honey-soaked chicken egg yolk right away! Egg yolk contains many nutrients and high fat content, has the effect of supplementing the lungs, detoxifying the body... so it plays a very important role to enhance health for young children, the elderly or intellectual workers. Meanwhile, honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, bringing significant effects in the enhancement, improving the body's resistance as well as preventing diseases, especially cancer. This is considered an indispensable food in our diets. Honey-soaked chicken egg yolk is a protein-rich dish, antioxidant, provides collagen to bring many different uses for health and beauty. The effects of honey-soaked chicken egg yolk 1. Treatment of peptic ulcer Scientific research has shown that honey has antibacterial and bacterici