5 Serious Side Effects Of Eating Too Many Black Garlics

Black garlic is considered a very good food for health. If you eat too many black garlics, this brings serious side effects. So, how does tit specifically affect health? Let's find out below

What happen if you eat too many black garlics?

Cause constipation

When you use black garlic over the recommended dose, you may have constipation. Therefore, for people with health problems related to the stomach and duodenum, do not use too many black garlics. The correct dosage should be about 10 grams per day, using a lot of can lead to constipation.

Cause digestive disorders

Eating too many black garlics negatively affects your digestive system and stomach. In particular, if you eat black garlic when you are hungry, it is easy to cause digestive disorders, appear signs of flatulence, stomach discomfort, heartburn.

Cause gllergic

Black garlic as well as other foods, can cause allergies to some subjects. Not everyone is suitable to use black garlic, especially people with a history of allergy to garlic should absolutely not use it because there may be symptoms of itchy allergies, extremely uncomfortable.

There is a risk of poisoning

This is the most serious side effect of using too many black garlics. In addition to the symptoms of stomach upset, when poisoning, black garlic can lead to death. Usually, the cause of poisoning is often caused by putting garlic too long in the refrigerator or by soaking garlic with oil at room temperature.

Influence on the use of currently used drugs

In some cases, black garlic may reduce the effect of some drugs. Using black garlic is not good for people taking anticoagulants or people who are on HIV / AIDS treatment. So, when you are using any medicine, you should consult your doctor to know if you should use black garlic.

How many black garlics do you use every day?

If you use black garlic reasonably, it is good for your health. The recommended daily dose is 3 to 5 cloves/black garlic branch (equivalent to 3 - 5grams) for adults and 1 - 2 cloves for the elderly.

How to use black garlic?

Using black garlic in the following ways will help promote its full potential.

Eat it directly

- Black garlic is left to roots, peeled and eaten directly daily, used regularly for a while to see the effect of black garlic.

- Should eat black garlic before breakfast will help purify the body. The ingredients of black garlic will easily be absorbed easily and intact and will not react with certain foods when mixed together.

- When eating, chew carefully and after eating, drink a large cup of filtered water to be the best derivative for nutrients, amino acids dissolve and absorb into the body.

Soaked with wine

 You can use black garlic to soak with wine also promote 90% effect on our body. If using black garlic soaked in alcohol, use white wine, not mixed with alcohol. Everyday drinking black garlic wine should only use from 10 - 20ml.

 Make black garlic juice

You can add the black garlic to the blender with a little warm water and then puree to change the way you eat.

Who should use black garlic?

People need to strengthen health, strengthen resistance, prevent cancer.

People with cancer, after surgery or are treated with radiation or chemicals

People are often exposed to toxic environments.

People with diabetes, high blood pressure ...

People are at risk of stroke.

People with cardiovascular disease, diabetes

People suffer from fatty liver, hepatitis or alcohol, tobacco.


In short, if you don't eat too many black garlic, it's perfectly healthy. Use black garlic reasonably to get the benefits that this goddess brings.



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