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5 Serious Side Effects Of Eating Too Many Black Garlics

Black garlic is considered a very good food for health. If you eat too many black garlics , this brings serious side effects. So, how does tit specifically affect health? Let's find out below What happen if you eat too many black garlics? Cause constipation When you use black garlic over the recommended dose, you may have constipation. Therefore, for people with health problems related to the stomach and duodenum, do not use too many black garlics . The correct dosage should be about 10 grams per day, using a lot of can lead to constipation. Cause digestive disorders Eating too many black garlics negatively affects your digestive system and stomach. In particular, if you eat black garlic when you are hungry , it is easy to cause digestive disorders, appear signs of flatulence, stomach discomfort, heartburn. Cause gllergic Black garlic as well as other foods, can cause allergies to some subjects. Not everyone is suitable to use black garlic, especially people with a h