How To Lose Weight With Green Bananas

Losing weight with boiled green bananas is a method of staying in shape appreciated by many people. Does this food really help to burn off excess fat, make your body firm? If so, how to eat? Let's learn more carefully!

Is it really effective to lose weight with boiled green bananas?

With vitamins, fiber, tannins, high carotenoids, green bananas are considered as one of the natural ingredients to support weight loss effectively. Therefore, the method of keeping the shape with boiled green bananas is being transmitted by many sisters.

Specifically, this fruit has a pectin component (soluble fiber), which helps to slow down the movement in the small intestine so that the absorption of minerals into the blood is more effective. In addition, nutrition experts also point out that green bananas help with stomach fermentation and colon cleansing. Thus, you can "burn off" harmful fats and impurities out of your body.

Thus, only with this easy-to-find natural material, about 20 to 25% of the excess fat is burned. However, not only that, eating boiled green bananas also gives you a long feeling of fullness, reduced appetite.

Besides, green bananas contain resistant starch. They are "weapons" to help you fight high blood sugar, thereby avoiding diabetes and related diseases. In particular, green bananas are richer in tannins and chlorophyll than ripe bananas. These antioxidants will effectively support weight loss and health promotion.

How to lose weight with boiled green bananas

To quickly regain the desired physique, besides maintaining a scientific diet (plenty of green vegetables, fruits, reducing harmful fats), add boiled green bananas every day.


• 1-3 fresh green bananas. (You should choose to buy bananas, not too young or too old and have a clear origin!)

• Salt

• Clean water

How to process

• Rinse and cut off the prepared banana heads.           

• Mix about a cup of salt water and soak bananas to clean the plastic and disinfect them for about 15 minutes.

• Bring clean bananas into a pot, pour the water so that the banana is covered and then boiled.

• After about 10 minutes, at this time, the ripe bananas are picked out and drained.

• You eat directly boiled bananas, can pick salt to increase flavor. In addition, you can bring boiled green bananas to puree and remove the freezer. You can eat this banana with all kinds of guava, pineapple, apple...

• Consistently apply this weight loss method in batches (5 days) to get the best results.

Notes when losing weight with boiled green bananas

Although boiled green bananas help to lose weight effectively, you must also take notes of the following things to avoid side effects.

• You should only boil bananas in a moderate amount of time. Avoid boiling too long to lose quality, losing weight will not work.

• If you have constipation, do not lose weight with boiled green bananas. It is because tannic acid in this fruit will cause intestinal obstruction.

• Because this is a method of using natural materials, it is necessary to persevere to do this regularly and to combine with doing exercise and sports to be effective.

• Do not believe the rumor but proceed to eat green banana boiled continuously for weeks. You should only eat in batches (5 days) to avoid constipation. It is best to consult with a dietitian first to find out the dose that is the best for your location.

• Science proves that green bananas and rubber contain a protein that is allergic to some people. Therefore, if you are allergic to rubber, you should pay attention when eating green bananas.

Other benefits from boiled green bananas

In addition to purifying the body, removing excess fat and keeping the body slim, boiled green bananas also bring many other great benefits to users. Strong bones: As mentioned above, boiled green bananas improve the absorption of minerals into the blood, including calcium for bone. Antioxidants also help to strengthen bones and silica in green bananas also supports collagen fibers.

Prevent high blood pressure, improve mood: The composition of tannins, chlorophyll, carotenoids... of this fruit will keep blood vessels relaxed, lower blood pressure.

Treat diarrhea: Eating green bananas boiled with whole shell will bring to the body pectin and resistant starch to fight diarrhea. Tannins in banana peels are also effective against inflammation.

Reduce stomach and duodenal diseases: Hydrochloric acid cannot attack our stomach thanks to the protective layer of pectin and the anti-inflammatory effect of tannin.

Reduce the risk of colon cancer: Resistant starch substances have the ability to remove harmful microorganisms, preventing common production of toxins causing colitis. In addition, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory tannins also help this process.



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