Eating Guava During Pregnacy: Suprising Benefits!

The amount of vitamin C in guava is 4 times that of oranges. Eating guava during pregnancy will have many health benefits for both mother and baby.

1. The benefits of guava for pregnant women who are anemic

During pregnancy, the woman's body has many changes, easily leading to anemia. Meanwhile, the nutritional content of guava fruit is able to boost the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, pregnant mothers only need to drink a glass of guava juice every day to prevent this situation.

2. Strengthen the immune system

Besides vitamin E, iso-flavanoids, carotenoids, polyphenols... the amount of vitamin C in guava fruit is very high (16 mg), even more than citrus fruits. Therefore, guava is considered a fruit that plays an important role in strengthening the immune system of pregnant women. In addition, these substances also help pregnant women to prevent bleeding of teeth, ulcers...

3. Treat diarrhea

Changing the diet and hormonal changes in pregnancy can lead to a risk of diarrhea. At this time, do not ignore the effect of guava fruit on pregnant women in the process of supporting treatment of diarrhea. The reason is because guava contains astringents (substances that enhance shrinkage) and alkaline compounds (preventing the attack of bacteria causing cholera).

4. Treat constipation in pregnancy

While pregnant, despite eating according to science, pregnant mothers still face constipation due to hormone progesterone affecting intestinal motility. In addition, the pressure from the fetal weight on the pelvis also leads to this condition. Meanwhile, guava is a fiber-rich fruit - an effective support for natural constipation. Specifically, by eating only one guava, you will add 36% of the fiber needed for a day.

5. Stabilize blood pressure

Many pregnant women have high blood pressure but still give birth safely and healthy. However, this condition is not completely harmless during pregnancy. It is because after week 20, the mothers with severe hypertension may suffer from pre-eclampsia and suffer unpredictable complications. In addition, this is also one of the causes of premature birth or even miscarriage. The abundance of potassium in guava will stabilize the heart and fight high blood pressure.

6. Supply calcium

The effect of guava on pregnant women in calcium supplementation is worth considering because there are up to 10mg of this mineral in 100g. Therefore, if eating a guava or drinking a glass of juice will help provide calcium for the development of the fetus.

7. Develop the nervous system

Thanks to the composition of vitamin B9 and folic acid, guava easily gets into the list of good foods for pregnant women. These substances play an important role in the development of your child's nervous system.

8. Reduce diabetes risk

To control blood sugar, try to eat guava. This benefit of guava comes from the amount of soluble fiber (pectin) and insoluble. They will help to lower blood sugar safely and effectively.

Some notes when eating guava during pregnancy

• Although it is good for health, pregnant mothers should not eat too much. It is because too much fiber intake at a time leads to diarrhea.

• If pregnant mother is tired, having oral problems, she should drink guava juice instead of eating whole fruit.

• When eating, remove seeds to avoid appendicitis.

• Pay attention to guava quality. Do not choose young guava because it is acrid, not good for the digestive system and can cause constipation.

The above are 8 benefits of guava for pregnant women in strengthening and protecting health for both mother and baby. Take advantage of the amazing benefits of this cheap, easy-to-make fruit!


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